Pump Control Valve

Pomp Control Valve

domain of usage:

1. Starting the pump: In order to increase the useful life of the pumps and achieve high efficiency and proper operation of the lawns, the upstream of the pump must be completely closed during the start (by closing the pump control valve) until the pump initially reaches the permissible range. When the pressure in the flow rate reaches zero, then by opening the pump control valve, water is allowed to flow upstream from the minimum flow rate to the maximum flow rate in a gradual and fully automatic manner.

2. Stopping of pumping: when the power of the pump is cut off (accidentally or intentionally) due to the sudden return of the upstream water to the pump and the very dangerous effects of ram impact, irreparable damage is caused to the pumps that have been turned off but are still pumping. It will cause a sudden shock and in the opposite direction of their main circulation. With the use of suitable and fully automatic pump control valves upstream of the pumps, as soon as the power is cut off, the valve is quickly closed by the control circuit designed in the automatic pump control valves of Navid Kariz Dostan company, and therefore the water will not be allowed to return to the pump. gave

Application temperature range: up to 70 degrees Celsius

Production range: DN50…DN800, PN10…PN40

Reference standards in design and construction

The dimensions of two flanges of the valve according to the standards: DIN-EN 558-1 SeriesF1, DIN 3202-1 SeriesF1

Dimensions and drilling of flanges according to standards: DIN-EN 1092/1-2, DIN 2501, ISO 7005/1-2

Hydrostatic tests (sealing, pressure resistance and functional): ISO 5208

Type of cast iron: Gray cast iron: DIN-EN 1561 GJL 250 DIN 1691 GG-25

Ductile iron: DIN-EN 1563 GJS 400-15 DIN 1693 GGG-40

Inner and outer coating: epoxy electrostatic powder paint/epoxy liquid paint.

Important note:

1. The ratio of the adjusted output pressure of the valve to our input pressure should be such that the valve operates within the allowed range (outside the cavitation range), otherwise, due to the destructive phenomenon of cavitation, the internal parts will suffer wear and therefore the life Mufid reduces milk.

2. For installation and commissioning, please pay attention to the instruction of Navid Kariz Dostan pump control valve.


Body and cap material:

Gray cast iron PN10 Ductile cast iron for PN25, PN16 Steel A216 for PN40

Description: DN500 to DN800 valves are made of steel (fabricated).

Ductile iron will be produced and provided for PN10 valves with the previous order of buyers.