Emergency Closing Valve(Breakage Pipe)

domain of usage:

Preventing wastage of water by closing the valve quickly due to pipe breakage downstream.

Application temperature range: up to 70 degrees Celsius

Production range: DN300….DN1200…., PN10….PN40

Reference standards in design and construction:

Face to face dimensions of two valve flanges according to standards: DIN-EN 558-1, DIN 3202-1 Series F4

Dimensions and drilling of flanges according to standards: DIN-EN 1092/1-2, DIN 2501, ISO 7005/1-2

Hydrostatic tests (sealing, pressure resistance and functional): ISO 5208

Inner and outer coating: epoxy electrostatic powder paint/epoxy liquid paint.

Important note:

For installation and commissioning, please pay attention to the instructions for the emergency shut-off valve of Navid Kariz Dostanan Company.

Mechanism and method of operation: due to a sudden flood downstream due to a broken plate or any other factor, the emergency shut-off valve closes and prevents the further transfer of water downstream.

Emergency shut-off valves are produced and provided with the help of the power from the oil pump and jack and by two types of mechanical actuators (without the need for electricity) and the other with an electric kit.



Material of body and valve:

Gray cast iron for PN10 Ductile cast iron for PN25, PN16 A216 steel for PN40

Ductile iron will be produced and provided for PN10 valves with the previous order of buyers.