Air Valve (Double Orifice - Single Orifice)

domain of usage:

Large orifice:

1. Evacuation of the air mass in the pipelines when the line is filled and filled with water in order to prevent injuries caused by the trapped air compressor. 2. Airing the necessary amount and volume into the pipelines when the lines are empty and water consumption to In order to prevent the creation of a vacuum

2. Small hole:

The exit of the bubbles formed in the lines during the cavitation phenomenon.

Application temperature range: up to 70 degrees Celsius

Production range:

Two openings and single opening flange: DN50…DN800, PN10…PN40

Single ribbed orifice: DN25….DN32, PN10….PN16

Features of Navid Kariz Dostan valves: accurate sealing from 0.5 bar to the nominal pressure of the valve

Reference standards in design and construction:

Flange dimensions and drilling: DIN-EN 1092/1-2, DIN 2501, ISO 7005/1-2

Hydrostatic tests (sealing, pressure resistance and functional): ISO 5208

Inner and outer coating: epoxy electrostatic powder paint/epoxy liquid paint.

Important note:

For installation and commissioning, pay attention to the instructions of Navid Kariz Dostanan air valves.


Body and cap material:

Gray cast iron for PN10): DN-EN 1561 GJL250, DN 1691 GG-25

Ductile iron for (PN25, PN16): DN25….DN32, PN10….PN16

Stainless steel float 1.4301

Ductile iron will be produced and provided for PN10 valves with the previous order of buyers.